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How to Add Special Characters in WordPress Posts

How to Add Special Characters in WordPress Posts

While you notice that various other websites that have been developed via WordPress use special characters in all their posts or blogs, you can add the same in your content as well by following a straightforward and easy process. The special characters are very much present in the WordPress visual editor, and you will need a few clicks to add them to your website. You may hire a WordPress theme customization service for consultation, and they will tell you how important and beneficial it is to make your readers focus on the highlighted vital points of your content. 

You will not find special characters on your device’s keyboard always. If you need to add a copyright symbol to avoid plagiarism or you want to add a trademark symbol on behalf of your company for all your blogs or emails, you have to have the unique character case handy in your dashboard. It is always wise to avoid excessive usage of these characters since it loses the authenticity, becomes monotonous and also does not provide the content with a classy and compact look. 

This article will guide you by providing a few easy steps which you can follow to add special characters in WordPress-

  1. Any content you write in WordPress website or maybe in other sites automatically gets changed into the HTML format. It is, therefore, an uncomplicated process as you can just use the HTML code of the entity to add the special characters whenever necessary.

You will be offered a list of special characters along with the respective codes by HTML, and you are required to follow the codes to make any distinctive character, symbol, arrow to appear on the screen. 

After you follow the codes and instructions as mentioned in the bar, the character will get inserted in your write-up but will not appear in it as soon as you do it. 

You are required to publish the article or at least preview it before publishing, and here you will find all the necessary special characters inserted right at their place. 

To avoid any further confusions on this issue or if you feel like you are not confident enough to handle all the technicalities at one go, talk to a company providing WordPress theme customization service to understand the process at first. 

2.  When it becomes necessary for you to use special characters in your content and website at regular intervals, even the customization service providers will advise you to install plugins. These are user-friendly and comes very handy in need since you are not required to look at the code-chart in HTML every time you want to insert one of these special entities.

Amongst the various plugins available on the internet, you can download and install the one named ‘Insert special characters’. If you face any problem in downloading or operating it on your device, talk to your hired WordPress development service provider. 

After the activation of the plugin, open the content you want to add or edit the special characters in to. In the toolbar, you will find a drop-down arrow, and there you have to select the option named as ‘special characters’. Select the one/ones you require from that box and just press the insert option to get it added on the right place of your article. 

3. For people who are using the old WordPress editor, you to have a very spontaneous way of adding special characters as per your requirement. All you need to do is to click on the button to formating so that it gets expanded and a box will pop up right in front of you filled with all kinds of special characters. Just select the ones you need for the article, and you are all set to go! 

4. Another prevalent and super easy method is there by which you can use special characters. You have to talk to your WordPress theme customization service to put up an Add new option in the page already existing so that you can store the choices and characters you need on a regular basis under the option mentioned above. 

Just by using the visual editor and locating the character bar, you can follow the rest of the steps to add and use the special characters, symbols and arrows as many times you need. 

If you still find it tough and confusing, you can follow youtube videos or read-up blogs on the internet as they are in lucid language for everyone to understand. 

But the options this article is providing is extremely easy and not much time-consuming. It can be effortlessly performed by even a not-so-technical person. 

Remember that all the special characters you will be using in your website content should be appropriately explained so as to make it appealing to the readers of the site.

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